• Address301 Wanamaker Ave, Essington, PA 19029
  • Open HoursThurs-Fri 4pm-9pm Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-6pm
  • Address301 Wanamaker Ave, Essington, PA 19029
  • Open HoursThurs-Fri 4pm-9pm Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-6pm

Our Wines

White Wines

John Roberts Cellars 2017 Riesling

2017 Reisling

(Central Valley, California)

 Clean and crisp, our Riesling is a flavorful dry white wine that encapsulates ripe peach, honey, and tropical notes. A negative sugar provides for a dry finish and overall refreshing mouthfeel.

John Roberts Cellars 2018 Chardonnay

2018 Chardonnnay

(Lake County, California)

A brilliant yellow-colored wine with notes of peach, citrus, and honeysuckle to compliment its medium acidity, this wine feels juicy and fresh on the palate.

2017 Muscato

(Lodi, California)

Our Muscato is playful and fun, with notes of honey, citrus and white flowers to delight the senses! A delicate balance between sweetness and acidity allows the wine to feel fresh and succulent.

2017 Pink Catawba

(Erie, Pennsylvania)

Our Pink Catawba wine is a sweet amber-hued wine, created from a Pennsylvania hybrid grape varietal. Capturing notes of mild berry and fresh fruit, this wine is bright and finishes crisp.

Red Wines

2017 Malbec

(Curico Valley, Chile)

Our Malbec is smooth yet spicy, with notes of black pepper, fig, and dried herbs. The combined sensation of soft tannins and balanced acidity creates a luscious wine from start to finish.

2017 Petite Sirah

(Suisun Valley, California)

Our Petite Syrah is a great easy-drinking red, with notes of cooked red fruits and spices. Medium bodied with medium acidity, the finish is dry and satisfying.

John Roberts Cellars 2018 Zinfandel

2018 Old Vine Zinfandel

(Lodi, California)

Our old vine Zinfandel is both supple and smooth. With notes of blueberry, caramel, chocolate, and burnt sugar, this wine is decadent and rich. Medium-bodied with only slight acidity, the finish is brief and fairly sweet.

2018 Cabernet Franc

(Eldorado Hills, California)

Our Cabernet Franc is an elegant wine that evokes notes of tart cherry, vanilla, and raspberry. Soft tannins and a lingering finish offer a delicate yet delicious wine experience.

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

(Suisun Valley, California)

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Bold yet balanced, with notes of dark cherry and mocha, this wine starts out strong and finishes smooth.

Sweet Wines


(Atlantic County, New Jersey)

Our Blueberry Wine is an incredible dessert wine made from the finest blueberries of New Jersey. Aged in bourbon barrels, this wine features a touch of delicious smokiness, honey, and dark fruit jam notes.

John Robert Cellars Raspberry Wine


(Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania)

Simple and sweet, our Raspberry wine goes down easy! With mouth-watering fruit flavors and a vibrant finish, this wine is uncomplicated and delectable.